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Colour 120 Dev & Print

Colour 120 Dev & Print

Order me for 120 colour film processing and printing. Choose your print size and finish you require and we'll post back your prints. If you'd like scans as well, you can select the option required and we'll WeTransfer them straight over to you. Select the quantity for the number of films you require processing.

  • Info

    Post in your film and we'll send your images straight back to you via WeTransfer, or post back your prints. Select to send back your negatives, or we'll securely destroy them after 6 months. Images are stored safely online for 4 weeks, so plenty of time for you to download them.


    ​Post your film to:

    The Minilab

    Skears Photographic

    203 Wellingborough Road,


    NN1 4ED


    * IMPORTANT * Please ensure you include your order number in your parcel, so we can match your delivery up with your purchase when it arrives.

  • Scan Resolutions

    2988 x 2290 // 2988 x 2988 // 2988 x 3741

    2988 x 4145 // 2988 x 4581 // 2988 x 6000 

    Depending on your format, whether thats 6x4.5 upto 6x17, our 120 scans are perfect for sharing online, or creating prints to showcase your work. JPEG scans as usual, or select TIFF  for that lossless compression for post processing

  • Prints

    Printed on Fujifilm professional photographic papers, which deliver beautiful results every time.


    ​Depending on your 120 format, the print size will vary. For example if you're shooting 6x6, your prints will either be 4x4 inches or 5x5 inches. If you're shooting 6x9 format, your prints would be 4x6 inches or 5x7.5 inches.


    Available with or without borders and available in a gloss or matt finish

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