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Scans from Cut Negatives

Scans from Cut Negatives

Found some old negatives that you want to get digitised? You’re in the right place! Send them to us, and we can scan your already developed 35mm negatives, which have been cut into strips of 4’s or 6’s. We’ll then send you a link to download your digital scans, via WeTransfer, and send back your negatives to you. We can also scan cut 120 negatives, if they are sleeved. Please note this service is not for individual cut negatives.


Whilst we save on the costs of not developing your film, it is a lot more time-consuming service to scan cut negatives. This service usually has a 3-5 day turnaround time, depending how busy we are in the lab.


  • Info

    Post in your negatives and we'll send your images straight back to you via WeTransfer, or post back your prints as selected.


    ​Post your film to:

    The Minilab

    Skears Photographic

    203 Wellingborough Road,


    NN1 4ED


    * IMPORTANT * Please ensure you include your order number in your parcel, so we can match your delivery up with your purchase when it arrives.

  • 35mm Scan Resolutions

    High Res JPEG

    3024 x 2005 pixels

    Perfect for everyday usage -Uploading your favourite shots to socials & printing up to approx 8x12 photographs


    Ultra Res JPEG

    6048 x 4011 pixels

    ​Need that bigger file for printing or extra room for a bit of cropping? You'll easily get a beautiful 12x18 print


    Ultra Res TIFF

    6048 x 4011 pixels

    ​Still after a little more umph for post processing? You can't beat a TIFF scan for ultimate quality from your negatives

  • 120 Scan Resolutions

    2988 x 2290 // 2988 x 2988 // 2988 x 3741

    2988 x 4145 // 2988 x 4581 // 2988 x 6000 

    Depending on your format, whether thats 6x4.5 upto 6x17, our 120 scans are perfect for sharing online, or creating prints to showcase your work. JPEG scans as usual, or select TIFF  for that lossless compression for post processing

  • Disclaimer

    Depending on the condition of your negatives will affect the quality of scans. If they have not been stored correctly and are scratched/ dirty etc these marks may be visible on your scans/ prints. We will not correct any marks on images.

    We cannot accept any liability on the condition of negatives sent in to us. We reserve the right to return any negatives that we feel may cause damage to our equipment, unscanned.

    If negatives are of high importance, please send them in via a tracked service and request that they are sent back via a tracked delivery method.

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